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DELIA RICHARDSON (Certified Speaker, Trainer, Coach)

Delia, affectionately known to many as "Dee" is a passionate leader who advocates for those she serves. Minister, Wife, Business Consultant, Ministry Leader, and Mentor are just some of the roles Delia has been blessed to humbly serve in. She has served in the corporate sector as a Leadership Trainer and Speaker, for over 20years. No matter the organization, Delia is often requested for her dynamic and engaging method of connecting with her audience and her stimulating and contagious expression of energy that encourages her participants to glean in. She's also known for her high level commitment  to making a difference in the lives of anyone she's fortunate to touch. Delia holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Management while holding key roles on numerous business projects. She plays an integral role as Campus Administrator for her Faith based assembly and have been extremely instrumental in the lives of women, of all ages, towards growth, change, and belief in who God has created them to be.

What was her turning point? "Like many today, there was great achievement outwardly, but tremendous emptiness inwardly; an unfulfilled appetite for growth, bound by limiting beliefs, and crippling identity uncertainty. I attempted to do all in my own strength which created a heaviness that no amount of books read, collaborations, and/or affirmations could address. ​It was in Christ Jesus, when He found me, that I found my true identity, learning and accepting, that I was created with divine purpose. Through application of God's invaluable principles and leadership truths, the trajectory of my life has dramatically changed over the years. Understanding my place from God's point of view, I decided to say YES, with passion, and extend my hand to bring hope and inspiration to you in assisting you with learning your value, finding your voice, while learning practical and life changing principles to living an extraordinary life".

Firmly Delia declares, "Women you are valued. No longer do you need to wander in your thinking or function with the wrong tools, but embrace your uniqueness, stand on the strength and principles of God's Esteem, and walk in your purpose . Whether corporately or personally, despite your past, it's YOUR time to embrace your authentic significance for meaningful and healthy relationships with others and more importantly, yourself. Like me, you too, can have liberation, restoration, and freedom!!!! Let's work together, with God, to empower you forward... ​(Proverbs 31:30)

You are my DESTINY!!"

Gabriel and Delia, epitomizes compassion, integrity, respect, and reliability. They are Founders of Infinite Impact, LLC. in sunny Orlando, FL.  Standing on the premise of "Eternal transformation that begins NOW and continues into eternity", they continue to impact the lives of their families, the lives of God's people through Small Groups, and in other various arenas. Through their personal journey, along with their desire for change, they have also partnered with the John C. Maxwell Organization and are Certified Speakers, Trainers, and Coaches. They have completely accepted their God-ordained Calling, for serving and adding value, by developing others and have been able to utilize their dedication and commitment by helping those that hunger for change,  move forward in Business, Faith-based Auxiliaries, Mentorship, and Empowerment workshops.

Allow the Richardson team to wholeheartedly serve you on your journey to maximizing your potential, fulfilling purpose, while reaching your destiny.


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​​​​​​GABRIEL RICHARDSON (Certified Coach, Trainer, Speaker)

Gabriel, known as "Gabe", also a Minister of God, believes in eternal transformation that begins now and continues into eternity.You may ask what qualifies Gabriel to assist you on your conception into a new life and transformation for success?

His response: "The answer is quite simple, God's grace and favor found me, through Jesus Christ, when I was just as lost and blind as every other fallen human. I needed a new beginning and new life apart from the natural birth of my mother. It all started with a God thought, new thinking and a growth plan  that changed my beliefs from deep within, and outwardly manifested into true disciplines of a Godly lifestyle and success.  As a husband,  father, business owner and friend, investing in my personal and professional growth daily has impacted my leadership ability, which has enabled me to add value to others by serving them to reach their greatest potential. I needed to die to my old self with its thinking and bad habits and truly begin to experience a resurrected life with Jesus, and return back to God's original plan and purpose for my life, in His image and likeness. We find this in Genesis 1:26-27, Your Eternal destiny and purpose is found here in Christ Jesus, and has been waiting for you, so don't lose hope. God has a plan for your future Jeremiah 29:11. That's why you are reading this testimony right now. Many times when faced with passed failures and even death, I  thought that was the end, but God kept me alive to fulfill the plans and purpose He designed for me. We are more than flesh. We are all Eternal Souls able to make eternal decisions before it's too late. ​Today is God's gift to you, it comes with two master keys called LIFE & TIME, to unlock the door to your NEW LIFE.

​Your success is my DESTINY; ​I'm ready to help you think a new thought, a God thought, and with your participation, move you into the future God has ordained for you. I'm anxious to share with you the spiritual laws of Leadership, God's way, that has transformed my thinking and lifestyle, and God will do the same for you."  ​IT'S GOD'S WILL FOR YOU TO WIN! ​But it's going to take your cooperation and participation.

You Must VALUE Yourself!